Need your laundry done? Call (203) 654-3421 and schedule a pickup!

Free Laundry pickup and delivery from New Haven to Clinton. You can feel confident knowing that we are the only laundry delivery service on the shoreline to use an Ozone Sanitizing system which kills 99.9% of all germs, mold, and bacteria!

We have made several changes by adopting CDC, St of CT, and industry guidelines to be as safe as possible for our customers, our drivers, and our employees as we all deal with the Covid 19 pandemic.

  1. The best news is that in December of 2019 we installed an Ozone Sanitizing system like hospitals have. This system injects ozone into every cycle of every washer and kills 99.9% of all germs, mold and bacteria. Go ahead and read about it on these links if you would like more information.
    We are the ONLY laundromat in the area to have this Sanitizing Ozone system!  Rest assure that when brings back your laundry it will be clean and sanitized!
  2. All pickups and deliveries will be contact-less. We will no longer be able to go into some customers homes, businesses, apartments, or apartment buildings to pick up or drop off laundry. All laundry MUST be put outside (on your porch or under an overhang in case of bad weather) and our driver will only pick up laundry that is outside and in our blue laundry bag or a plastic bag marked as laundry.
  3. The drive will then put each laundry bag in a large new plastic bag and twist tie it shut. Then he will place that in the back of the van.
  4. Our driver will be wearing a mask and rubber gloves. He will also use hand sanitizer after every pick up and drop off.
  5. Our van will be sanitized at the end of every delivery day with Lysol and germ killing disinfectants. The steering wheel and door handles will be wiped down with disinfecting wipes each day.
  6. Please read your clothes label and only give us clothes that can be washed and dried. Any clothes with out a cleaning label or clothes that need to be air dried will be returned uncleaned in a separate plastic bag. We can no longer do air dry items. We will be drying all the clothes you give us on medium or high heat according to your instructions so the heat can kill any Covid 19 germs.  According to the CDC the heat of the dryers kills Covid. The hotter the better!
  7. Please update our customer care number is 203-654-3421. Because of all the new precautions we have had to raise our prices. If you are a weekly customer the price is $1.85 if you are a biweekly or on demand customer the price is $2.10.
  8. We know your life can be busy and short on time so we have made it much easier for you to request a laundry pick up. GET our APP! We now have a App downloadable on the Apple Store or on Google Play.
  9. Please update your credit card on file.  Your credit card must be processed by 7am on the day of delivery in order to deliver your clean laundry.
Thank you to all of our wonderful customers for your continued business. Keep getting dirty!